Dear friends,

Club SCORPIO presents Calendar for the year 2009!

It seems incredible that the pictures, who take us through some of the most beautiful hidden corners of BIH, were taken within an area of less than 30 kilometers. There is almost no place on the Planet Earth which in such a small area offers so much contrast and so many powerful and unforgettable experiences. That's why people shouldn't be surprised that Drežnica and its surroundings is the preferred destination for the activities that the Extreme Sports Club SCORPIO organizes for its guest.

Price: 7 KM/item. For orders over 50 items price is 6,50 KM. We offer additional printing of your logo, price is 0,50 KM/item.

Please, find attached calendar preview in pdf format.

For ordering and other info, contact us by email or phone.

Best regards,

Your Scorpio team




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